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Better materials leads to better buildings and better lives! With the launch of LEED v4 in 2013, the requirements in the Materials and Resources credit category underwent a significant change. We introduced concepts like Life Cycle Assessment, Environmental Product Declarations and Health Product Declarations to empower architects and designers to select better materials. This enabled project teams to make informed decisions during product selection and to select better building materials for their projects. While the launch of LEED v4 significantly increased the prevalence of various product certifications and assessments like Environmental Product Declarations and Health Product Declarations, the launch of LEED v4.1 ensured further improvement in adoption of better materials by the green building community globally.

One of the challenges facing global project teams is access to building material information. In order to make search for better building materials easy for everyone globally, we have launched Unified Search. This tool simply integrates search across all leading global material platforms, allowing the user to review search results from all global leading material platforms simultaneously in one go, thereby drastically reducing the time it takes to search for different materials.

Start your search today for better building materials!